Message from the President

Since our establishment in 1984, CIC has served the consumer credit industry as a credit bureau that collects, manages, provides, and discloses credit information related to credit transactions, with the guidance and assistance of relevant parties.

In 2010, the “Designated Credit Bureau System” was established as a legal framework to prevent excessive credit and multiple debts. We have been designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Prime Minister as a Designated Credit Bureau under the Installment Sales Act and the Money Lending Business Act, thus legally positioned as an indispensable social infrastructure.

Amidst an uncertain social and economic outlook, the consumer credit market is indicating signs of growth and transformation, as progress in information technology led to a variety of cashless payment methods which have emerged in response to recent change in lifestyles.

In order to adequately respond to these changes in the business environment and contribute to the further growth of the consumer credit market, we will pursue truly innovative value creation and further improvement in user experience.

In order to fulfill our responsibilities as a credit bureau, we will always act with a high sense of ethics and values, and strictly comply with laws and regulations as our fundamental principles. We commit to build an effective system to protect and maintain credit information as well as ensuring the stable operation of our systems.

We thank you for your continuous support and understanding to our commitment to operate in a transparent and sound manner as a trustful credit bureau.

Masayuki Saito