Our Vision of Business

As the only Designated Credit Bureau in Japan under both the Installment Sales Act and the Money Lending Business Act, CIC is working as a driving force for the sound development of Japan's consumer credit society through its activities to collect, store and provide consumer credit information, and make a disclose to consumers.

Designated Credit Bureau System

The Installment Sales Act and the Money Lending Business Act respectively created a Designated Credit Bureau System in order to prevent multiple debtors and excessive credit sales from occurring. Under these systems, third-party credit vendors and moneylenders are required to become a member of a Designated Credit Bureau approved by the national government and utilize credit information provided by the bureau to confirm the ability to pay of each consumer who wants to use credit.

Roles of CIC

CIC collects and stores credit information registered by member companies, consisting primarily of credit card companies, and provides such information in response to inquiries from member companies. With one of the largest amounts of registered credit information in Japan, CIC, as a Designated Credit Bureau, is now an indispensable presence for proper credit granting decisions. In addition to the above, CIC assumes the roles of a checking function for preventing heavy and/or multiple debts in excess of consumer capacity, as an "infrastructure" that is essential to the consumer credit society, and as a leader that supports the promotion of proper credit transactions.